I started photography back in middle school. I had just transferred schools and needed an extra class so they put me in photography. I learned the history of photography and the ins and outs of photoshop. However, don’t ask me about anything I learned… as I will NOT remember. My parents ended up buying me a camera at the end of 6th grade and I started my “business” on that camera when I was 15. Ever since, I have been attached to a camera. Just 2 years ago roughly, I started my legit business. I knew it was time to get an LLC and do the real thang. Now, here I am. Super thankful and starting a new life here in Arkansas. 

Firstly, I am a bubbly, spontaneous, fun, and adventurous gal who simply loves being a Curious George in other people's love stories.

hey i'm kylee! You’re probably wanting to know more about me, my hobbies and why I do what I do, right? 

i'm pumped you're here!

kylee grace photography

living the Ozark dream! 

Overall though, it is just me and my goldendoodle Ozzy

I moved to Arkansas in November of 2020 without any family. I left behind basically all I have ever known for the last 15 years. I made the move because things in life presented the opportunity. Plus, I sure love all the hiking and camping that is just a little drive away. I used to live in Arkansas when I was real young so I do thankfully have a few connections. 

about me, Kylee

I love to travel, hike, camp, hit up all the coffee shops and breweries in town… as well as cook! I normally cook every night or every other night besides weekends.  

I also love interior design, I am always changing things up in my house. 

The Facebook market is my weakness. I seriously have a problem. 

I am a lover of reality shows, romantic comedies and all things true crime.
My music taste is also a little different. I like some mainstream artists, although a lot of my music in my liked playlist are more low key artists.

Ask me about it sometime and I might just share my favorite song at the moment!

When I am not doing all things photography and obsessing over my dog…

fun facts

So, thank you in advance for taking interest in my work. It supports not just my passion, but my life. 

We do a lot together and he brings so much joy to my life and everyone he meets! Some of my couples have had the opportunity to meet him on their engagement sessions if I can’t find a sitter or he’s been sick and I've had to keep an eye on him. Whatever it is, I sometimes find excuses to bring him, heheh. 

Remember this cute little face when you contemplate booking with me. Your investment in me and my art, ultimately helps give him the best doggy life here in Arkansas. 

He is my travel buddy, my snuggler and my best friend. 

This is Ozzy   the dood. 

So yes, I have mentioned I have a goldendoodle. 

I am dying to meet you. I WANT to hear about alllll the wonderful things your love consists of. I WANT to learn about you and I WANT to document your story.

hit that button!

If you are a fun, wild, spontaneous, IN LOVE couple who has a weakness for pizza, dogs and embarking on new beginnings…

now i am asking you...